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Sports Betting

Sports Betting has become a popular pastime. With more and more people trying it, many more are also looking for the best tipster. Online betting provides excellent entertainment value and there’s nothing quite like the adrenalin rush as your horse crosses the finish line first. While betting involves strategy it also has a lot to do with luck, and whether today is your lucky day.

Vale Ian Baxter

Anyone involved in racing knows who Vale Ian Baxter is. He was well liked and he was also a racing icon. When Baxter died, Queensland lost a true racing hero. Baxter did for horse racing what Gates did for computers.

Baxter was a visionary. He never hesitated when it came to implementing technologies. In fact, he was often the first to jump on board and decide to give a new technology a try. Baxter is certainly a man that everyone who has an interest in horse racing and horse betting should know about. By the way, he was also the best tipster.

Wagering on a Horse Race

One of the best tipster suggestions is to use a tip sheet when you first start to bet. You can find these online, often at the website you are betting from. You can also find them in a local paper. These tips are put together by pros who know the races, horses, jockeys, and trainers; therefore putting together tips sheets that can really be beneficial to a novice bidder.

Of course it can be a lot more fun doing it all on your own, even if it means a loss. If your bets are small enough it won’t be so bad. Besides if you’ve been learning all about betting online you might want to test what you’ve learned.

The best tipster online won’t be too difficult to find. He or she should come with many recommendations. You can learn a lot. When you and other race fans place your bets it goes into a common pool. From this pool the race purse is taken, as well as the percentage that is the track profit, and taxes. The balance is split among those that placed a winning bet.

Each race has a favourite. This is the horse that has taken the most money. It’s important to realize that favourites win around 30% of the time, which means they lose around 70% of the time. This means it isn’t always the right answer to simply pick the favourite.

Betting has excellent entertainment value and as your skills improve it has the potential to provide you with a tidy profit. Start small and never bet more than you can afford to lose. You’ll know when your skills have gotten better. That’s also when you should start to see a lot more wins. Find the best tipster out there to help you build your skills.

Best Tipster Bets

There are many different bets you can place on a horse race.

Win – A bet to win means a bet is placed on a horse to win the race. With a win bet the horse you bet on must be cross the finish line first.

Place – A bet to place, means a bet is placed on a horse to finish first or second.

Show – A bet to show means a bet is placed on a horse to finish first, second, or third.

Across the Board – This is a bit like a show bet because you are betting the horse will finish first, second, or third place. If the horse you bet on finished third you will collect only the show bet. If the horse you bet on finished second, you collect on both place and show. If the horse you bet on finished first you collect on all three places.

Daily Double – This bet is a lot of fun. It is made of two win bets on two successive races that occur throughout the day. They can be limited to the first two races of the day. You win if both of the horses you picked win the race.

More Exotic Horse Race Bets

Exacta – You bet on two horses to finish first and second in the exact order. For example, a $20 Exacta 3-4 means that horse#3 must win and horse #4 must finish second.

The cost is double with an Exacta double bet. It’s worth the extra because then the two horses you chose can finish in either order. For example, your $20 Exacta 3-4 would cost $40, then horse #3 and #4 must place in first and second but it does not matter which horse gets first or which one gets second.

Quinella – You bet on two horses to finish first and second, and the order does not matter. For example, a $4 Quinella 3-2 will pay as long as your two horses finish in the top two positions, so either horse #3 is first and #2 is second or #2 is first and #3 is second.

Trifecta – You bet on three horses to finish first, second and third in the exact order. For example, a $10 straight Trifecta 3-1-5 will pay if the final order is horse #3 in first, #1 in second, and then #5 in third.

Superfecta – You bet on four horses to finish first, second, third, and fourth in the exact order. A $10 straight Superfecta 4-2-3-1 will pay if the final order is horse #4 in first, #2 in second, #3 in third, and then #1 in fourth.

Whatever your strategy, keep in mind what all your options are and look for the best tipster to help you decide what is right for your situation. If you love the thrill and the adrenalin rush, you should consider playing a long shot. You can’t win unless you bet.

Betting on the Internet

The internet has changed the way we bet. Now from the comfort of home, you can bet as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. You can place a bet anywhere in the world. No longer are you limited to Australian races.

Betting online is easy to understand, and you can bet on as many horses as you like. It’s a good rule of thumb never met more than you can afford to loose. And of course don’t forget to get the help of the best tipsters.

Online betting opens many doors for betters.